PMF story of success

Premium Merchant Funding believes the world deserves to benefit from good ideas. Yet not every small business has access to the funding and business services they need to bring their ideas to life. PMF offers a more flexible, accessible, and efficient way to access capital and streamline operations. We won’t let bad credit, high-risk business types, or other financial issues get in your way. See more

Our business was founded in NYC, where our corporate headquarters remain on Wall Street. As we grew, we felt we started to lose touch with the “Main Street” businesses we seek to help. So, to get back in touch, we opened satellite offices in specific, focused areas where we feel we can have the most impact in the community.

We believe small businesses must stay competitive and grow to keep our nation’s economy alive. So, we provide revolving financing as needed until the business repairs its credit to qualify for a traditional loan.

Over time, we also discovered that many business services remain inaccessible to small businesses. That’s why we offer credit card processing, personal and business credit repair, payroll services, employee benefit management, SEO, and web development.

Small business deserves all the tools that big corporations use to streamline operations and provide superior customer service. We’re here to bridge that gap.

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PMF founded by three experienced professionals: Sam, Elie, and Abe
Building strong foundation for growth
Explosive growth (350% increase in sales)
Achieve $100M in small business financing
8 offices worldwide
14 locations worldwide
500 Members of PMF
Summer 2021
Achieve $1B in small business financing
Fall 2021
$1B in Merchant Cash Advances Funded
Winter 2023
Achieve $2B in small business financing
Spring 2023
20 offices worldwide
Summer 2023